Join the Team: Helping tuners from all over the world

Are you always trying to help people? Are you passionate about the high performance tuning industry? Does anyone besides your mum (mom) call you funny? Are you a demon behind the keyboard? Do you get a kick out of finding the perfect solution for your customer? If you are furiously nodding your head then we have the job for you.

HPA is growing quickly and it’s time to expand the team. This opportunity is for you to join the team as our first dedicated “Customer Support slash Sales” person (edgy, hip job title coming soon).

Our customers contact us almost exclusively via written means ie: email, messages on social media and live chat, and with this in mind you will need to be able to write clear, accurate and friendly responses to be a successful candidate.

The average HPA customer has questions that can sometimes get technical. You won’t be expected to give detailed technical advice, however you will need some level of understanding of performance/motorsport automotive tuning terms and technology, or at least an eagerness to learn.

Our customers, followers and members always expect us to deliver accurate information. We believe strongly that if you don’t know the answer to the question you should ask someone who does, and if you still can’t find an accurate answer you should be honest about it. With this in mind you should be 100% transparent with your level of knowledge and be comfortable with asking for help when it’s needed.

HPA attracts customers from all over the world some of them speak English as a second language. That means sometimes their messages may need a little bit of deciphering to get to the true nature of the request. If this all sounds like something you could do, keep reading.

This position is a remote position meaning you will work from home, your office or your local coffee shop - Whatever works best for you. This also means you will need your own equipment (computer, internet connection, webcam). In this remote environment you will also need to be able to communicate exceptionally well with the rest of the team so everyone is kept “in the loop”.

At the moment we are looking for someone to commit to 10 hours a week(spread evenly through the week) with plans to steadily grow this to a full time position over 12 months. Starting rate is $20 USD an hour. Applications close on the 4th of August 2015. If you have questions about this position please email (Don't send your CV, applications will only be accepted through the form below)

If this sounds like you, show us what you are made of by completing the application below. This application will take around 20mins to complete.


Applications have closed. 


  • Alsabaa Almamari's profile image
    Dear Ben,

    I know this is a late one, but I would love to be a part of your supporting team. I am a car enthusiast with lots of achievements and fluent English.
    - Saboo3 Oman
    5 years ago