LS2 Swap: 1-on-1 Tuning Lessons

You may have heard about our one of a kind remote practice dyno. For those who haven’t, it has an engine hooked up to a Mainline 1000 horsepower eddy current engine dyno in a 20-foot container that enables you to practice tuning from anywhere in the world via TeamViewer. Sounds pretty amazing right? Well, in order to give you an even better experience, it's been given an upgrade.

Remote Dyno Photos 1303

Up until now, the engine you’ve been tuning on was a Toyota 1ZZFE. A 1.8 litre four-cylinder with variable cam control on the inlet cam and drive by wire throttle. Not a very exciting engine, we hear you say? Well, we have listened. With everything going in its favour, you could only expect to see around 95 kilowatts on the dyno.

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Now, you have provided us with a lot of requests related to LS Tuning. Here at High Performance Academy, we are strong advocates of the fact that tuning is tuning and whether you are tuning a 1.8 litre, four-cylinder engine, an LS2, or even a 1000 horsepower 2JZ, the engine responds the same to fuel and ignition timing. However, we always try to provide what our members request and this is no different.

SAM 1269 v2

Therefore, we have gone ahead and installed a GM LS2 six litre V8! Now, just in case some of the LS2 experts amongst you look at the photos an think, hang on a minute, that’s an L76 engine, you would be correct. We have cheated a little bit. It is the active fuel management engine out of the Australian domestic market Holden Commodore which allows the engine to shut off four cylinders via hydraulic lifters in standard trim for economy. For you tuning though, it will be like any other six-litre, 8 cylinder LS2.

SAM 1291 v2

To start with, this will be run on the Haltech Elite 2500 ECU so you can become familiar with tuning an LS V8 on an aftermarket standalone as what you’ll learn on the Haltech will be applicable to other platforms. Also coming in the near future, a factory engine control module will be refitted, so you can practice reflashing using the HP Tuners platform, but that is still some time away at this stage.

You can book 1-on-1 lessons using this LS2 V8 right now.


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