Real Hands on Dyno Time without leaving the house

Say hi to Ed. Ed is our shiny new Mainline DynoLog eddy current engine dyno that you can use to practice tuning.

HPA Practice Dyno

We know that when you're learning to tune it can be difficult to put your new skills into action. You need a wideband, knock detection gear and then you've got to find a tuning shop that's prepared to lease you dyno time. Lastly you risk damaging your pride and joy while you're still learning.

Well Ed is our answer to this problem. Thanks to the wonders of internetness, you'll be able to remotely control a real engine running on Ed and tune it live, all from the comfort of your living room (or your bathroom - We won't judge). You'll have access to the tuning software as well as the dyno PC so it will be just like you're in the same room as Ed.

Our test engine will be loaded with sensors too to give you the most experience - Individual cylinder lambda, EGT and knock detection to name a few.

We will be brining you more information soon and letting you know how you can get involved so stay tuned!

HPA Practice Dyno

HPA Practice Dyno


  • jean-pierre derdeyn's profile image
    great guy's look's alot like my dyno pod's with eddy brake
    - jayp Canada
    4 years ago
  • Stellios  Skouloudis 's profile image
    I can't wait for this!!!
    Horsepower Academy I love you guys I've learned so much off your site and saved myself so much money from not paying half of these hack tuners, being a member on your form and watching you guys on Facebook I've learned so much to be able to tune my own cars and I have also acquired knowledge of how to pick a good tuner
    - Stellios83 USA
    4 years ago
  • Anil Sooknanan's profile image
    what's this?
    - Anil USA
    4 years ago
  • Michael Murray's profile image
    Hi good day guys,
    I was wondering as a first time tuner, want management i should start with ie haltec, aem?
    - SpiceMan1033 Trinidad and Tobago
    4 years ago