Online Practice Dyno - Launch Package

Online Practice Dyno - Launch Package

$997 USD

NOTE: This isn't JUST a course, it's more of a tool.

CLOSED FOR UPGRADE: Reopening September 7th 2017

You aren't able to use your Get hands-on without leaving the house. HPA’s Online Practice Dyno is the ideal solution to putting your tuning knowledge into practice. Practice tuning on a real dyno, with a real engine and a real ECU, all from the comfort of your living room thanks to the power of the internet. 

What is the Online Practice Dyno?

The Online Practice Dyno is a Mainline engine dyno fitted with a real fuel injected engine. The engine is fitted with a Link G4+ Plus engine management system. Both the engine management system and the dyno will be running on the same computer. Using remote desktop software, some custom throttle control software and the power of the Internet you will be able to fully control the engine, dyno and tuning software. It will be just like you are in the dyno control room but instead you will be in the comfort of your living room.

What you get in the package

  • 3 hours of live one on one sessions - Have complete control of the engine Dyno and the ability to talk directly with Andre during the session. This is an awesome training opportunity as we can see what is happening and give you guidance throughout the lesson.
  • 7 hours of Online Practice Dyno Time - You can use this time to practice what you have learnt. Normally dyno time will be $197 USD per hour. This time can be booked at your convenience.
  • Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial - Since the engine will be equipped with a Link G4+ Fury, we’ll give you access to the link g4+ software tutorial to get you up to speed with the software, and make the best use of your dyno time.
  • 2 years of Gold Membership - Access to the members Forum, regular live webinar tuning lessons and a library of tech articles
  • Priority access to future Online Practice Dyno features as they come online - This will include different engine combinations including turbocharged engines, different fuels and different engine management systems.

Individually these would add up to over $3058 USD, however we are offering all of this for a one time payment of $997 USD.

Booking a time that suits you

Once you have purchased your Online Practice Dyno time you be able to book time that best suits you. You will be able to login to scheduling software to see when the dyno is free (in real time), you will be able to book the time in units of 1 hour. Before your booking you will be emailed access instructions and access codes, at the time of your booking you will be able to login and control the dyno.

Time Frames

  • The Dyno is now operational
  • There are a small number of sessions available before Christmas
  • Andre will be back from Holiday on the 11th of January and full access will start then.

What are the specs of the Online Practice Dyno?

Engine Spec

  • Toyota 1ZZFE
  • Variable cam control
  • 1800cc

Sensors fitted to the engine

  • Lambda at the collector
  • Individual cylinder lambda
  • Oil pressure
  • Oil temp
  • Water temp
  • Air temp
  • Knock sensor
  • Fuel Pressure


  • Link G4+ Fury
  • Aem 4 Channel Lambda 
  • Haltech EGT
  • Mainline Eddy Current ED1000 Engine dyno

Fine print

  • Booking of one on one lesson must be between Monday-Saturday 8am-9pm NZST it may not be possible to book time before or after your one-on-one lesson.
  • Bookings must be made in advance and are available on a first in first served basis.
  • Bookings must be made in one hour increments.
  • Your remote dyno facility credit has a 2 year life span. You must use it within two years.
  • If technical problems arise at our end we will look after you to ensure you receive all the time you have paid for. 
  • While the 60 day money back guarantee does apply, you will not receive a refund on "used dyno time", unused hours will be refunded.
What you will learn
  • 3 hour one-on-one lesson
  • 7 hours of Remote Dyno Time
  • Link G4 Plus Software Tutorial
  • Priority Access to Remote Dyno Features
  • 2 Years Gold Membership

Common Questions

What equipment will I need?

All you will need is a computer and an internet connection. We take care of the rest.

How will I know if the engine is knocking?

The ECU is fitted with onboard knock detection which can detect detonation or knock on individual cylinders. Knock will then be displayed visually on the tuning software.

My own engine is turbocharged. How relevant is this going to be to me?

While a turbo or supercharger adds another element to the tuning process, the fundamentals of supplying a suitable air fuel ratio and the correct ignition timing are still the same. What you learn on a naturally aspirated engine is still applicable to a turbo engine, and this will let you gain confidence before you start adding boost.

What happens if the engine is damaged?

While we have safety strategies in place to prevent the engine being damaged, if the worst does happen then we will refund your current booking while we replace the engine. Once we are back up and running you can start where you left off. There is no liability and no cost to you.

Will I be able to try tuning with variable cam control?

Yes, the 2ZZFE is fitted with continuous cam control on the intake cam and this is controlled by the ECU. You have complete control over the cam timing and will be able to instantly see the results of advancing or retarding the cam angle on power and torque.

I’d really like to blow up this engine. What would stop me?

We understand - In your situation we’d try and do exactly the same. Our engine protection strategy will protect against excessive ignition advance, as well as a lean condition on any cylinder. You can think of this like a safety back stop - You will still have a lot of room to move but our safety system will step in if you go too far.

What if the engine overheats?

We are designing an extensive cooling system which we expect will support continuous high rpm / wide open throttle running without overheating. Engine protection will however be included to prevent any chance of damage from overheating.

I don’t use the Link G4+ ECU. How relevant is this going to be to me?

The fundamentals of engine tuning remain the same regardless of which ECU you’re tuning on. The Link G4+ has the ability to be configured in both injection time (millisecond) or volumetric efficiency fuel modes which is similar to a wide range of popular ECUs. In short, what you learn on the Link G4+ will be applicable to a wide range of ECUs

Will I be able to get a refund if I change my mind?

No, this offer is not refundable so we do urge you to think carefully about the commitment.

When can I use my dyno time?

The dyno facility is available 24 hours a day. There will be a booking system to secure your preferred dyno slot.

How can I control the dyno?

Our remote desktop software will allow you to control the dyno in exactly the same was as if you were sitting in the dyno control room. You will be able to perform steady state and ramp tests as you tune the engine.

Will I get a certificate?

No, unlike our courses there is no certificate for using the Remote Dyno Lab

How fast does my internet connection need to be?

A standard broadband internet connection should be sufficient.

How can I control the throttle opening on the engine?

The engine we are using is fitted with an electronic throttle body and we have a special software interface that allows you to control the throttle opening from your computer.

What happens if the engine runs out of fuel?

We are designing the engine dyno installation with continuous running in mind. We will have a large fuel capacity and systems in place to ensure your dyno session isn’t interrupted.

What courses do you recommend I take before using the RDL?

We recommend you have completed at the very least the EFI Tuning Fundamentals course. Ideally you would have completed EFI Tuning Fundamentals, Understanding AFR and Practical Dyno Tuning.

I’m planning on using a rolling road chassis dyno. How relevant will my experience on an engine dyno be?

We find the biggest challenge for a novice tuner is learning how to control the dyno and to move around the fuel and ignition tables accurately. The skills you learn on our engine dyno will be applicable to a chassis dyno too and you will be ahead of the game when the wheels first start turning the rollers.

I use imperial units, not metric. How will this work for me?

The Link G4+ can display parameters such as temperature, pressure, and air fuel ratio in metric or imperial units at the click of a button.

Can I use a different type of ECU?

During our initial launch phase we will only be using the Link G4+ Fury ECU. In the coming months however we will be providing the ability to quickly swap between a number of popular aftermarket ECUs. When these are available you will be notified.

Can I tune a different type of engine?

For our initial launch we will be using the Toyota 2ZZFE engine, however in the future we intend to have the option of different engines, including turbo engines.

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