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Another Starlet build..!

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Hi all,

I’ve been on the forum a little while now, however I’ve not really posted up all that much in terms of the cars I work on and what I do etc! I’ve seen a couple of Starlet Turbo threads pop up so thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

I’ve been involved with the cars for 10 years now, having had lightly modified, to bigger power cars. Recently I’ve started supplying carbon fibre bodywork and other bespoke items for the cars, which in turn, prompted another build.

Whilst doing the above however, it’s not the day job so to say. I worked in a commercial role for Audi for many years, and as of earlier this year moved into a commercial role at Cosworth on the Pectel/Pi Research ECU and Chassis electronics side of the business to pursue my interest in motorsport.

So on to the cars. At the moment I have 2 Glanzas. One ‘road’ car as per below. I’ve freshened up the engine bay and will be using this car as a base to obtain a suitable calibration for my new ECU of choice – a Pectel SQ6. It’s the first time anyone has fitted a Pectel to a Glanza (probably because its massively overkill, however now working for them it would be rude not to!) so I want to start from a ‘stock’ car base to get it dialled in.

Whilst doing the above, the second car will be going off for its roll cage and some suspension work, which when complete will have its built engine fitted, wiring loom built and some more Cosworth electronic goodies fitted.

Some pics attached of the turbo kit designed and built, some of the bodywork and my previous engine bay etc too! I shall keep the thread updated with developments.

Turbo Kit: Borgwarner EFR6258

Current bay having a refresh (manifold to be changed for the above etc)

One of my previous cars, this ran a rather large PTE turbo.

And one of the carbon boots we produce for good measure :)

Thanks, Rob

You do very nice work, man!

Thanks Gord! I like things to be clean and tidy, however its not just for show!

Looking forward to sharing updates on the next car, going to be quite different. :)