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H22 Euro-R turbo build

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Over the last year now I've been buying part after part and finally I'm very close to putting everything together. I'd like to ask a few questions to double check my research, but first a quick breakdown of my build.

1995 Honda Civic CX


100% Stock 2001 H22A Euro-R engine and T2W4 transmission

Stock exhaust manifold

Stock throttle body

2.25in mandrel bent cat back w/vibrant street power muffler.

***Fuel system***

Walbro 450

DeatschWerks hardwire relay kit

-8AN feed

-6AN return

ID1700x injectors

Injector Dynamics fuel filter w/ fuel pressure sensor

DeatschWerks FPR

Rosko racing fuel rail


Hondata S300 V3

Rywire Hondata CPR

OEM RSX K coils

That's not even close to everything on the car but I can add more later. My plan right now is to Dyno tune the car as close to factory spec, adding basic bolt on parts and retuning to see the ACTUAL gain from the parts. At first the car will be on 93oct but after some Dyno time it will be on e85 only. I have a turbo sitting whenever Im done testing N/A stuff.

I'll have some photos after this weekend hopefully. Any tips or advice is appreciated!

*******small update******

Im going hold off on the fuel system until I get a fullblown fuel pump hanger. a modified fuel pump hanger wont fit the way I want it ran.

Started the car and it runs. I just need to get the trailing arms swapped and I can take it in for an alignment and start tuning.

I also bought a hot side turbo kit and its almost done being made. I'll attach a picture of the car and turbo parts.

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