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( HP tuners vcm) 2012 5.0 mustang gtcs the remote turbo sys

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What's up HPA, I'm starting my build thread here for u guys to fallow, and put in some well appreciated opinions.. just watched my first live webinar!! #144. {loved it by the way!} As I have just joined HPA, i will get into the build, why I'm here, and what iv bin told about tuning remote turbo vehicles. this is going to be trial and error. Once I get most of the parts sizing and backpressure under control, ill be doing a finalized system. basically upgrading along the way until I'm happy with the results. or I find its just not possible to accomplish what is needed, to make a well performing coyote turbo system..

thank u guys have a great night!

A little something I started during the webinar tonight. Wating on angle rings and to pick an exhaust back psi Gage ..

Removed the cupholders and cover. Found a MDF board with aluminum laminate tape.. came from Dental Care suitcase.. . I'll add switching for my oil pump and outher supporting 12v switching