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RB25DET Build questions, recommendations, etc.

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Hello everyone!

I'm not sure how to start this, but perhaps some of you might be able to help along the way.

I am on the process of building a RB25DET S1 for my S14.

I purchased the engine a while ago as a long block, the engine was taken apart before I bought it but it looked in pretty decent condition,

truth is you can never be sure if you don't see it running, so I decided to rebuild it completely. Especially after a few red flags, the head was removed and was only being held by two studs, the oil pan was hit and damaged the oil pick up/screen.

My intentions with the car is to be able to treat it as a street/track car, be able to drive it out of state, hit the track and drive back type of build.

I am not aiming for crazy power, mainly reliability in mind. I basically would like to do it once do it right, hopefully without breaking the bank. I am aware of the "oiling issues" which I also intend in fixing. I would appreciate any input, what's needed, not needed, overkill or not, unfortunately I don't have a huge budget but I like to do things the right way. As setup goes, here is a rough idea. I intend to be around the 400 to 500whp with pump gas, would definitely like to drive the engine on the limiter on some occasions/track. I will most likely be using a Haltech Stand alone, engine will be mated to a 370Z 6 speed transmission (already own) which I still need to source out and get all parts $$. But before I get ahead of myself, back to basics.

I am looking to get the head serviced first at the machine shop, get all recommended/necessary parts.

Gather the parts for the swap.

Send the block to the machine shop and do the same.

Anyone who has experience and read this far and can help, I truly appreciate it! Any questions, more information needed please ask.

Thank you all very much!