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[For Sale] Dynapack 2WD Chassis/Hub Load-bearing Dyno [California, USA]

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Dynapack Series 5000 DP5

Comes with:

Two Dynapack Pods

Two 5-lug wheel adapters

Two 4-lug wheel adapters

One Computer w/ Stand, Keyboard, and Monitor

All accessories and sensors

Excellent running condition, a few scratches here and there and some carbon on the powdercoat from a side exit exhaust. This dyno will support up to 1400HP and is fully serviceable through dynapack.

At any time you can upgrade this dyno to 4WD for significantly less cost than buying outright.

Outdated pictures:

The setup is currently packed away in storage and I never got a chance to take a picture of them cleaned up before I sealed them away unfortunately. Will happily get it out and take some more for a serious buyer, however.

I've since cleaned up and dusted the units, and they are in sealed storage in Livermore, CA. I am asking $45k USD including shipping(to US, international may incur additional cost). I am open to any offers. Let me know what kind of budget you have and maybe I can work with you!