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correcting your AFR

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missing something here. we are correcting AFR by multiplying the VE number in the cell by 'measured AFR / desired AFR' - say 1.1 - 81.5 to 89.7 VE

so we are fattening up the AFR a bit by increasing injector pulse width. the new value in the cell is 89.7 VE? so you can increase VE by - in this case -

fattening up AFR. why wouldn't you fatten up every cell to max VE by going sub lambda to over fueling point across the board. i think i have answered my own question as i write it out. defeats the other efficiency considerations ie SPC and emissions parameters. but from a pure power perspective - MBT (i believe that stands for maximum brake torque) would that theoretically be a viable approach. again i think have answered my own question. i guess that's why you would run an 11 or 12 AFR.

i am an oil tanker engineer working on giant heavy fuel burning diesel engines. and lifetime car and motorcycle performance enthusiast. 67 years worth. and have taken numerous courses so i have a lot to compare it to. this is great stuff. and having such a knowledgeable, fluent, and user friendly instructor has made it rewarding beyond my expectations. thank you Andre. much appreciated.