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I have a MK5 VW GTI with an FSI engine. The car has a K04 turbo, aftermarket FMIC, turbo back exhaust and a bunch of other supporting mods. I'm about to have it tuned (too complicated for a noob like me, so I'm using United Motorsport).

The one part I haven't identified is the fuel injectors. They are buried under the intake manifold, and it's a fairly labor intensive job to get to them. Before I pull the intake manifold, I'm wondering if there are any tests I can perform that would help me determine whether there are larger than stock injectors in the car already.

Any thoughts?


there is no way to tell without identifying them

depending on the ecu used and the style of tuning they do they may not need to know, have a chat to the tuner

Regards Ross

Thanks Ross, I decided to order a new set of injector seals, and I'm pulling the intake next week. The UM tune requires injectors from an Audi S3/Golf R for the K04, so hopefully the PO installed them. I will know soon!