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Tuning for Exhaust Change

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Good day, i have managed to fine tune the AFR for my car after the intake system change based on what i'be learnt from the course. Car runs's smooth and produced a bit more power than before the tune (after intake upgraded). So now i'm looking at upgrading the exhaust (headers, and removal of test pipe). from what i understand from the course, the change in exhaust will allow better flow of exhaust gas from the engine. So am i right to say,

1.) right after the exhaust change, i will be able to tune for more power by increasing the Ignition table? Since the engine is able to runs cooler?

2.) with exhaust change, am i expecting to see any change in the AFR numbers?

You'll usually see an increase in engine VE with a better flowing exhaust system and this may require you to make a slight increase to the full load fuelling to achieve your desired AFR targets. Usually as a result of the reduced back pressure you will find that the engine may accept a little more timing too.