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CAM Position sensor VAG 1.8T OEN 058905161B pinout and power voltage

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Hello everybody. I´ve been searcching on the internet about my CAM sensor pinout and power supply voltage but I´ve several doubts. I found a Haltech Help documentation that says 1-12V, 2-Trigger,3- Sensor GND (I attach a screenshot). Here In Europe autodoc says voltage is 12V, but looking on autodata information and some vw forums, thay talk about 1-5v, 2-12V, 3 GND. I´m a bit lost...

Thank you guys

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What happens when you try it? I bet it only works one way.. At least there are only two combinations to try since everyone agrees 3 is ground. I would guess the Haltech description is most likely to be correct.

David, I´m designing my wiring harness from the beginning so I could try in my original installation. What should I do to test it? If Haltech is right, measuring voltage between pin 1 and 3 with ignition on should I see 12V?


Often this can be figured out from the factory workshop manual for the engine without testing.

If you are measuring the original wiring harness, yes -- see if there is 12V on Pin 1 or pin 2. You might see a pull-up voltage (5V or less) on the trigger signal pin.

If I were testing the sensor on the bench, I would connect some wires to the sensor and a 12v battery and use an oscilloscope to monitor the trigger signal (probably pull that up with a 2k resistor to 12V). Then I would move a piece of ferrous metal (like a wrench or screwdriver) in front of the sensor to see if it produced a signal.

Okay, Thank you for your help one more time