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connecting depo windband meter to motec m84

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depo wind band meter gauge use BOSCH 4.9 windeband meter that provide analog output that can connected to standalone ECU

analog output wire harness instruction for depo windband gauge

black - engine ground ( gose to ground )

brown - wideband analog output 0-5v ( were I can connect this one ?)

green - narrow band meter 0-1v ( were I can connect this one ?)

motec m84 has

pin 25 - lambda 1 sensor input

pin 26- lambda 1 pump current (this one for what exactly )

how I connect my LSU 4.9 BOSCH sensor ?

Your M84 has an internal wideband controller that works with the LSU 4.9 sensor. Why don't you hook that up directly using the info found on the Motec Datasheet for the 4.9 sensor:


Note: the M84 Pinout is the same as an Mx00 hundred series ECUs.