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means and methods for splicing ground wire engine side

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Building a loom in which I have a Motec PDM15 I am wiring into. We are using an autosport connector at the fire wall. What are the means and methods used for ground wire. I am using 16 AWG Tezfel for all my power and ground wires. All the Power wire to the Autosport connector but am curious about the ground. I have LED head lights, two radiator fans, electric fuel pump M&W igniter box and NOS solenoid.. a few others that take 12V from the PDM. How many #16 can i splice together to connector to chassis or engine block at one location? Thanks in advance.

G'day John.

You will be fine to ground all the items you've listed to the body of the vehicle, as they're not going to be sensitive to small ground offsets. You will need to make sure the battery is also well grounded to the body of the vehicle.

The number of 16AWG wires you run into a ring terminal will be limited by the size of the ring terminal itself. For example, if you had a ring terminal with an 8mm hole, designed to accept 16mm^2 cable (often called a '16-8') you would be able to fit around 8 16AWG wires into it and get a good, successful crimp.

Perfect. Thank you