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motec m150 5v and 0v

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Hi All, new to this forum.

I have a question about the m150 5v and 0v outputs.

It has:-

sen5v0 A,A,B,C1,C2,B2

sen0v A,B,A1,B1,C1,C2

I understand the M800 and other ecu's just 1 5v and 0v for sensors, i dont understand the M150, eg there are 2 5V A, no 5v A1 no 5v B1 etc.

Could anyone shed some light on this for me?

There are three 5V power supplies in the M1 (there were two in the M800 5v Eng and 5V Aux). They are called A, B and C. There are multiple pins for each supply (that is the B1, B2, etc) that you may use but are all connected together internally. The IMPORTANT thing to know is that you need to use the matching 0V pins for each supply.

Also, pay attention to the AT inputs -- they need to use the correct 0V for each one. AT1 and AT2 use 0VA, AT3 and AT4 use 0VB, and AT5 and AT6 use 0VC.

Thanks for the reply David,

I under stand the AT have there own 0v but still a bit confused, there is no 0vc for at 5 and 6 just 0vc1 and c2?

All of the 0VC connections are tied together internally. You can use any 0VC pin for the AT5 & AT6 0V connection. Just ignore the digit after the A/B/C - it does not matter for the external wiring purposes.

Thanks David, makes sense now.