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MoTEC wiring M150

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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General motec wiring...I've been used to haltech terminology and udig and running things off peak injector and low ignition slightly different. I attached with a list of sensors and inputs outputs I want to run wondering if this is optimal?

Also wondering does battery negative and battery positive wire directly into the ecu? Seems new and strange to me a little bit.

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A quick perusal of your list -- I think it looks OK.

I would typically use the Peak & Hold Injector Outputs for Injection first, and use the extra LS injectors & ignition for driving fuel pump relays, fan relays, etc. If you're going to use a PDM, you can just send CAN messages to the PDM, for switching things on/off.

The best way to make sure the I/O you've selected is available for the purpose you've chosen is to try and configure the ECU with this. If the resource pull-down doesn't show one of the type you would like to use, it will show other pins that can be used for the purpose.

The Bat Pos and Bat Neg need to be Battery Positive Voltage and Battery Negative (Ground). Typically connected to a PDM or Master Switch for the Positive, and Directly to the Main Chassis Ground for the Negative.

I thought because it's a high impedance injector MoTEC site says to use the low injectors? I may be incorrect there

Both Peak and Hold and Low-Side Outputs can used with high impedance injectors. I think they are saying that the LS Injector outputs can ONLY be used with high impedance injectors.

OoooOoo ok that makes more sense then hence the slight confusion. What kinda amperage would the ecu power pull or be set off a pdm or relay?

I need to look at some data, but it probably depends mostly on the Half-Bridge current when driven high. Otherwise total current is very low (2-3A?) for the ECU.

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