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New to install elite1000

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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Hi guys, first time to eve install a ecu so please go easy. Installing a elite1000 on a Great Wall. Petrol 2.4 Mitsubishi motor. I’m getting along good with all the input sensors and stuff but getting confused as too injection and coils. Can I confirm of this pin out of the stock ecu, the injectors are all negative outputs from the ecu, and the positive is a constant feed voltage from main relay that also splices/feeds into the 02 heater circuit?? And the purge solenoid.

coil also confuses me, it’s just a igniter/coil with 4 tips. 3 wire plug. Diagram shows just Coil A wire ecu output I assume, Coil B ecu output and the injector positive feed circuit splice. How would this work with the elite x4 ignition outputs?

Also lastly, I’m yet to check the crank pickup as it’s part of the flywheel but I noticed diagram calls it’s a x58signal at crank output. Know there isn’t any cam sensors and it’s a not vvt sohc. I’m wondering how does sequential injection come into it.

I know I’m over my head, but isn’t this why we’re here. ✌️

thanks guys

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Brain fart, should I piss off the coil pack and just run 4 ls1 coils instead? Easier to wire up?

Correct, injectors are all low side outs and the main relays feed as well as hot side of the coil is powered by the same 30A fuse and is then controlled by another low side on pin 58.

I'm not completely familiar with the engine you're running but logically I'd have to assume that the coil pack is actually two coils and two igniters grounded through the body of the pack itself since there's two wires (32 and 52). They're going to run in waste spark.

Going DFI could be easier depend on your wiring capabilities, but this doesn't look complicated unless there's some other info that isn't here.