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Pmu16 Can-bus keypad button push and hold logic

EFI Wiring Fundamentals

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I have a a pmu16 with a ecumaster 4x2 keypad. Very new to this and just starting to set it up. I don't have it all wired yet and am working on the project offline in the ecumaster client.

Button k-Ign is for my Ign, a latching switch with states 0 (off), 1 (acc), and 2(Ign on).

I can use this channel for example to have an acc power output on... k-Ign >= 1

each press toggles thru 0-1-2-0 ect.

I want to be able to press and hold while in Acc (1) to reset to off (0) but I cannot figure how to make the function of button hold.

I think I would make a function of say, "f-AccOff". Use channel k-Ign, "delay true" and then say 2 sec? Then I would use the channel "f-AccOff" as s0.setchannel?

Thanks for any help, this makes my head spin sometimes, but it's rewarding figuring it out.

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