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Running 6 injectors that max draw only 1A and it's fed by the Ignition Switch power, factory loom ran 16awg txl wire all to a 14awg txl merge with a 14awg ignition switch wire before transitioning to a 18awg into ECU. The injectors draw so little power it seems like overkill for the wiring??? The longest run is about 7ft or 2 meters, should I stress myself with wire sizing the new harness build? I was going to run 22awg M22759/16 (tefzel) to each injector and it being fed by a single 20awg wire. Factory the run length I feel like it's plenty, or should I throw in a second 20awg extra power wire?

Im a similiar boat and wondering the same, each injector draws 1.8A and i was thinking to get a 16awg single cable and splice out to 6 with 20awg each, keeping the spliced distance down to 80cm for the 20awg and the 16awg will be less than 1m.

Folks are you running a smaller amp wire such as 20awg or 16awg than the max amp draw of all 6 injectors combined because they're firing in a sequence and no all at once?