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What is the difference between M22759/16 and M22759/32? Does 16 mean 16 strand and 32 is 32 strand?

To keep it simple, the stranding is exactly the same, but the insulation in thinner on the 32.

For exemple:

M22759/16-20 = ~0.060" (1.52mm) OD and 5.18 Pounds/1000’ (19 strands in 32AWG)

M22759/32-20 = ~0.050" (1.30mm) OD and 4.30 Pounds/1000’ (19 strands in 32AWG)

Thanks Ludo86

here's some information on the mil-spec wire standards

Helpful hint:

/32 is the same size (total diameter) of the one size smaller awg /16

ex. 20awg /32 is the same size as 22 awg /16 :)