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What electrical connector/pins fit the ID2000 injector?

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I got a connector with my ID2000 injector, but only 2 crimp terminals, and I'm worried I might need to make 1 of more practice crimps, so I was wondering if you guys could tell me what connector they use (they only say 'Denso' on the website) and what the MPN would be of the crimp terminals. Much appreciated!

There are many different EV14 injector connectors available. You don't have to use the ones supplied by ID. A search for EV14 connector should yield some results, like this one in your country:


Thanks a lot David, so as long as the connector fits EV14 I should be good then? I'll do some browsing around!

Yep -- its also known as USCAR I believe.

The 1050x and 1700x use USCAR connectors, the 2000s use Nippon Denso connectors.

Nippon Denso


I did not realize the ID2000 was different than the other ID injectors. Thanks for pointing that out.

Much appreciated guys, this should help me to get some spare connectors ;)