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Hi all!

I recently acquired an unfinished '92 Nissan Sunny GTI (SR20DE) rally car project. The previous owner had started a new simplified wiring harness by removing the original loom and ECU. I guess the inspiration died shortly after and that's where I'm starting from.

With the great help of the Wiring Fundamental course I've now started to design the wiring diagram. It's the first one I've ever made, so I'm kindly asking you guys to check my work. There's a ton of room for improvements!

I've attached an image of my current progress. Few notes:

- Drawn with circuit-diagram.org so all symbols are not available/configurable

- I've simplified parts of the harness for the time being

- Fuse sizes are not yet calculated

Thanks guys! Happy holidays!

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That looks very neat. The only thing I question is the ECU outputs for FAN and Fuel Pump. Most ECUs like to ground the output when active (the opposite of most dash panel switches), so you would attached the other side of the relay coil to +12V. However, you need to check to see your ECU capabilities -- some can drive the outputs high. But double check to make sure.

Thank you David, appreciated!

I wasn't aware of most ECUs grounding, glad it came up!

Here's a revised diagram.

I also added an second relay for the aux lights. I think it's a good idea reliability wise, for those winter rallies. It also gives an possibility to run non-street-legal lights during stages and an ability to switch off half of them (fog, snowfall etc.).

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