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Howdy! Im a High School student who is very interested in knowing how to hone precisely without a machinist, I'm competing in the Skillsusa Competition for the 3rd year coming up and I would like to make sure I blueprint all of the dimensions properly and make them all be organized in a booklet, the challenge is that I have to do the machining all on my own without the help from a machinist so I would really appreciate if I could get some advice with some of the honing tools I need to get the best precise measurement in the cylinder. Thank you!

I have been doing some research lately and I believe if I use a good quality core bit with my drill press with a running supply of oil, could this be a better alternative source to hone my cylinders?

Sorry Tristan, I don't personally get involved in any of the machining processes myself so this is beyond the scope of our courses. Honing is something that I'll always leave to my machinist as I don't have the necessary equipment or training to get the right results.