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hey guys, I have an SR20DET that is unfortunately low on oil pressure. It’s an engine that seriously has to last 3 days then it’s going in the bin. We have an engine we’re building for next years event but we’re out of time. Now I have recently done about all you can do without rebuilding it anyway. Over the course of fitting the engine which I normally do when I have an engine out. Upon doing this the engine doesn’t look too bad and like I said. It only needs to last 3 days of racing then it’s out!

We have the Sump off at the moment and I will replace the pickup attach packing and I have cleaned it all out. But my question is.

Is it worth rubbing a 15w oil to try and take up some (maybe) wear in the main bearings? Will this help bring the pressure up if this is the case?

Im clutching at straws here as this is a massive event and time got away from us, so our built engine is not quite “built”!

Also a little more info, I put Penrite 10w40 racing oil in it.. I’m not sure if it’s maybe causing the issue as it had higher oil pressure before. (Can’t recal the weight of the oil I had in though)

I would use a 20w50 weight oil, thicker oil should result a higher oil pressure