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Using a Dial Bore Gauge

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I was taught to us a dial bore gauge in a somewhat different manner than demonstrated here. We would set a micrometer at a measurement just slightly higher than the expected bore, zero the dial bore gauge at that (higher) dimension, then measure the cylinder. The cylinder's measurement would be less than this baseline, so any measurement away from zero would then be subtracted. In other words, if I zeroed my dial bore gauge at 2.460 and then my cylinder measurement was .020 less than zero, the cylinder would measure 2.440 (2.460 - .020). I could then compare this to the outside micrometer reading of the piston, journal, etc. to determine clearance.

Is this not an acceptable approach?

Thank you.

I'm a little confused as to where the advantage of this approach would be? I mean it will work, however as I see it it just adds room for error. Am I missing something?