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Degree cam on Evo 9

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Hi there I just tried to degree cam on evo9 and my question is on the intake cam I have The Mivec mechanism do I need to remove this and fit a adjustable cam sprocket so the main I not going to be able to use the Mivec system or what have have to do as soon I have my camshaft set on the spec I have to remove the adjustable cam and put back the Mivec cam mechanism is the way to do this right so I really appreciate if can give me some direction on this thank you all

The cams available for the EVO 9 MIVEC head typically are designed to retain the MIVEC system. This is an advantage if you can keep it as it allows for a much wider torque curve compared to conventional fixed cam timing. In this instance you'll only need a vernier adjustable cam gear for the exhaust cam. The MIVEC cam timing is controlled and tuned via the ECU. It's only when you're looking to go to a very large cam profile that you may need to remove or lock the MIVEC system. I do advise that you confirm your piston to valve clearance with any aftermarket cams for the MIVEC head though. This process is detailed in our 'How to Degree a Cam' course if you are interested.

Think long and hard before you install a cam that requires you to delete MIVEC. Adjustable cam gears are like having your MIVEC map stuck with one value in it. You don't want that unless you absolutely cannot avoid it. The same applies with adjustable exhaust cam gears.

There's a reason why the Evo X had intake and exhaust MIVEC on its 4B11T engine.

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