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Hey guys looking at building up my LS1 to suit twin turbo/supercharger.

Just wondering what piston heads/conrods would be a better use.

what’s the opinion off the bowl head piston?

I think we're going to need some more information on what you're hoping to achieve before it's possible to really answer you. There's almost an unlimited number of options when it comes to aftermarket parts for these engines so a lot will come down to your personal preference. At the pointy end it will likely be block strength that holds you back which is why a lot of budget FI builds use the cheap and easily available 5.3 iron block. If you've just won the lottery then you can look at any of the range of aftermarket iron or alloy blocks. The LS1 cathedral port heads don't flow as well as the later model rectangle port heads but again this really depends how far you're intending to push the engine. Again there are a huge number of offerings from aftermarket suppliers or you could have your heads ported etc.

I'm not sure what you're referring to by 'bowl head piston'? Bowl-style pistons are what I see used in diesel engines where the combustion chamber is actually in the crown of the piston rather than the cylinder head. Please feel free to clarify if I've missed something.