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1JZ VVTI vanos break down

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We recently did tune a 1JZ VVTI on flex fuel e100 after some time we realized that the vvt is not working. Any consideration for such a breakdown?

The engine is used on a drift car, stock internals, 850 CC injectors, 1.5 bar boost.

Thank you!

There's a pretty long list of possible reasons that would cause the VVT system to not function. You're really going to need to do some fault finding and test the output to ensure it is functioning. You're also going to need to confirm the ECU is receiving the trigger information it needs to control the cam timing. What ECU are you using?

Hello Andre!

It's a link G4+ storm black!

Ok so have you tested the system to make sure the output is working and that the inputs are configured correctly? Have you performed a cam angle test and calibrated the control? Has it been functioning and all of a sudden stopped?