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any one can help me i have aem waveband and i want to connect it to MBVI2 which wire should i connect the blue and where i should connect it

I assume you mean the HP Tuners MPVI interface, in which case the wiring pin out is here:

Essentially pin 1 and pin 5 are the two pins you want for A/D 1. I am not familiar with the AEM wideband but you should have an analogue output and a ground. AN output to pin 1 and ground to pin 5. You will then need to configure the voltage to AFR conversion in the scanner.

Im talking about mbvi2 because i saw a video in tuning school connecting mbvi2 to obd2 and the aem wideband to obd2

i think the obd2 is for 2008 and newer,

you can use the blue wire and connect it to dp9 and then connect the dp9 to usb, this will make your wideband work with hptuner without connecting the wideband to the mpvi2

or you could use prolink from hptuner, i havent tried it but dp9 adapter work just fine for me

I'm not familiar with the details from the HPTuners side of things, but I know the ECU needs to be from a 2008+ vehicle if you want to connect the wideband's CAN output to the ECU's OBD2. There are a few different widebands by AEM, part number 30-0334 is the only gauge that sends an OBD-compatible CAN message.

The video on this page shows an example for connecting the 30-0334 to HPTuners, but it's a couple years old so might not match the latest HPTuners devices.

This thread from the HPTuners forum might help, I don't have a login there so haven't read their PDF document.

If you have a different AEM wideband like the 30-4110, the gauge's white wire is a 0-5V analog signal that sends different voltages for different AFR. The blue wire will send RS232 serial data.

Hope that helps,