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anyone use ASNU 1500CC INJECTORS?

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Has anybody got any feedback on these injectors?

they are the Bosch Motorsport 1650's made for ASNU and with their diffuser plate it atomizes very nicely and looks the goods.

just wanting to know if anyone has use these and how well do they tune?

this will be used for a flex fuel setup.

Thanks in advance

I have hands on experience with ASNU 1000 injectors and they are good injectors indeed. I assume the 1500's are as good. ASNU do atomize well and their pricing seems to be good value for the money. Also, ASNU are fully ethanol compatible, only good experience with them. Having said this, the latest batch of injectors I have ordered are InjectorDynamics, flow matched and almost twice the cost.

Thanks for the reply well the reason for the question is because the 1500 cc range is exactly the same price as the injector Dynamics 1300 cc so I have to pick.

From what I understand the asnu range 1500 cc is of a faster reacting injector overall with smaller Dead Times and better spray pattern and more flow outright.

So that's why they got my attention might have to grab a set I think

Given you get such good pricing on ID's, have you considered going for a flow matched set of ID1700's? Low pulse response will be no issue.

The price is the same but it's not exactly cheap either the current 1250s that I was using where pulsing at 1.7ms duty on petrol at stoich on an RB28 I'm worried if I go to 1700 it will be too short of a pulse width and possibly not open accurately. I think 1300 to 1500cc should be fine

On E85 you will pulse +/- 33% more everywhere. If it was my own project, I would go with the above mentioned.

It's on flex fuel setup so petrol and 85 so have to take into a consideration the short Pulses when idling on petrol

If you end up with ASNU 1300cc I can send you the short pulse width and Motec data sheets for them.

ASNU provide data, my only concern is whether the 1500 cc will Idol at short pulse width while I'm on petrol. I'd rather stay away from the 1300 cc design injector as the shorter injector on the 1500 cc is faster reacting as it has Less mass to it

Best to contact Simon or Phil for the short pulse width adder info that way you can see what the adder times are around were your idle pulse width may be. 1300cc injectors are linear up to 1.25 ms and have a minimum effective pulse width of .625ms

The ASNU 90/2000/1300cc injectors have the same body as the 1500cc injectors. Here s a pic of mine.