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B series triggering on Haltech elite

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Hello everyone,,,

I have an issue with my b series trigger reading. I have wired my trigger to the cyk (24 teeth)and home to the cyp as it is the one teeth wheel. the problem is when I am cranking the the engine in order to check trigger synchronization level it gives me full then goes back to none immediately and so on. there is no trigger error in the system. I tried to change edge, ground state and edge rejection ratio but none of these tries did a job. can someone help doing the right setup and calibration, please ? it better to note about trick and tips. I did another job to the distributor and it works but I DONT want to do it every time as it takes a lot of work to do it. what I did is I made my 24 teeth wheel is a missing teeth wheel by removing 2 teeth and I have canceled the home reading as it is also doesn't give the correct reading, same as the first issue. if anyone wants to do what I did it is worth noting that edge must be a raising edge otherwise it won’t gives you full level.

Don’t forget to put trigger wheel location (on cam) not (on crank).


Hello I would jump on the haltech forum and talk to there tech team from memory they have to pickups in the dist for the home signal and you need to cut the wire to one or half the amount of teeth being read on the 24 teeth if using both but it has been a long time since I have done one

Regards Ross