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Hello, I am tuning a twin turbo small block ford 5.0 V8. It has 2x 39mm wastegates with 7PSI springs installed. At the moment only the bottom ports are hooked up directly to the turbo compressor housings so it is running on WG spring alone.

The problem I am having is that the boost is creeping up to around 11PSI by the time I hit redline. It is looking like the wastegates are sized a bit too small for the application at this boost level.

I was wondering if I were to install 12PSI springs would that keep it a stable 12PSI across the board or do you think the creeping would be magnified to say 16PSI now by redline?

Hello it would most likely still creep up but worth a try are you sure it is not creating because the timing is to retarded up high in the rpm? a good way to check is add 2 deg of timing from just above peak torque to redline and data log to see I the boost comes down a little

Regards Ross