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Control strategies using GPS data

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I'm finding myself searching for a way to use GPS data to control dbw control, nitrous activation and etc based on track maps.

And from what I've searched only AEM has a GPS module, but I am unsure it would fit my needs, plus it costs a bit more than what I am trying to spend.

Do you guys know anything else that would fulfill these requirements? Or atleast an ecu that I could code custom firmware to make this work.

This is a track only vehicle. Small displacement, small turbo and double stage nitrous.

G'day Flávio.

The majority of aftermarket ECU's are understandably pretty locked down in regards to their firmware. MoTeC have a development program you can buy a license for that will allow you to code custom strategies, but its on the top end, as far as pricing goes.

If you've got a background in electronics and embedded programming, I'd have a look down the megasquirt route, most of that seems to be pretty open? I'm trying to generate and excuse to get into one myself to get some experience with them, but finding the time is pretty tricky!

As Zac has mentioned, a development licence for the MoTeC M1 ECU would allow you to do anything you can think of (within reason). I believe that Scott from Emtron was experimenting with GPS based 'fencing' in some of his high end WTAC cars but I'm unsure if this is for public consumption - It might pay to ask.

I'd personally be very wary of anything that's likely to modify the dbw throttle personally as that sounds like a potential recipe for disaster.

What vehicle is this? You may be able to come up with a way to accomplish what you are looking for without using GPS. If you can look at existing datalogs you can set up entry conditions for the behavior you want that doesn't involve using GPS. For example, maybe you use gear based boost limiters instead of GPS based throttle closures, and you have to look at what gear or vehicle speed you are in during a specific condition. Maybe you do something a bit convoluted like using a switched output based on certain conditions that is then wired to an input used to trigger 2nd stage nitrous.

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