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converted to COP wasted spark, now ignition misfire

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Recently upgraded to COP wasted spark on my 99 STi due to intermittent misfire around peak torque. With the new COP setup, the misfire is much worse!

Link G4+, 2011+ STi coils (22433AA602), WRX boots from a 2002-2005, Roger Clark conversion harness.

I've adjusted the dwell table to reflect STi coil dwell times and have increased dwell without success; anywhere from 3.58 to 5.69ms. With the original coil pack ignition, spark plug gap was closed down to .024" to avoid "spark blow-out". I've tried .027" and .031" without success. Almost ready to throw the old ignition back in.

Hello have you used the test ignition function in the software to check the sparks ability to jump a measured gap say 8mm

the spark should easy jump this the other thing to do would be to scope the ignition primary pattern to see if the driver is doing what it should be doing here this will also test the 12volt supply and earth connections

does this coil have a built in ignitor if not do you have one wired in ?- or if they do have you removed the ignitor ?

there are a lot of other checks besides plugs etc

regards Ross

Hey Ross, thanks for replying. Ignitor is built into each coil. Haven’t tested using the test function on the Link ECU but it drives fine up until about 1 bar of boost. I measured 12.7v and good earth connections at the coil.