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Hi all i wonder if you could help me discuss some possible data logging options. I'm new to all this so please excuse my ignorance.

I have recently brought a new engine/turbo setup for my drag car that i hope to map at the track. It came with a KMS MP25 Standalone ECU (https://kms.vankronenburg.nl/kms-products/engine-control-unit/kms-management-ecu-mp25) which is fairly basic but seems to have all the necessary functionality there and is mapped for the setup (on 106ron). I hoped this would be a good stepping stone to learn with. Ideally I wanted to be mapping at the track on WOT runs and analysing the data to correct the map, however the ECU i have doesn't datalog.

What other options do i have for data logging? I assume a straight datalog from the RS232 to laptop is going to be next to useless without software to interpret it? I can purchase a RS232 to CAN adaptor which may help with an external data logger perhaps? Or is it possible to piggyback off well known data logging software (i.e. link g4s) logging live to a laptop, assuming its reading the outputs from the senders directly which would be a common signal?

Any advice/options really appreciated.


the best advise i can give you is to sell the unit you have and put the money towards a ECU that has data logging.

piggy backing a data logger is a lot of hard work time and money.

units like link you have mentioned have datalogging in all of there units as do many other ECUs

there may even be a better ecu in the brand you have now

Regards Ross

Thanks for the advise Ross, I thought you may say that. There is another ECU in the range but requires a new loom to support it so if i go that route i'd probably look at a Link or similar.

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