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Hi Forum

I'm going to buy a Dyno but the big question is witch is the best to buy,

i need to be CE mark and be able to shipped to denmark.

i'm looking for a 2WD dyno but with the ability to be upgraded to a 4x4 dyno

i need to be with Retard.

i have look at a Dyno Dynamics 2WD with a 450kw retarder is it a good starter dyno or is there better solutions, i'm looking forward to answers

best regards

Patrick Hansen

TP Performance

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Hello we have a great webinar that covers this

I my self use a dynapack 4500 and love it

the biggest and best decision I made was to buy bigger than I needed, the reason for this is cars are getting more powerful by the day if I had brought a small power unit It would be useless now 13 years later I'm still happy

Regards Ross Honnor