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ECM Titanium - Backfire & Rev Limit Increase

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Hello, I want to ask you guys, how can I make backfire and rev limit increase in ECM Titanium for Fiat Bravo MK1 1.6 16v. In rev limit i just have one field where stands 6826rpm. How can i increase it to around 7000 or 7200rpm? Thanks

I don't use ECM Titanium and one of the constant issues I hear about from those that do is that the definitions are incomplete which means you may not have access to every map. Given what you've described it sounds like you should be able to increase the rev limit to whatever you desire but you may not have the ability to change the rev limit behaviour. Have you simply tried adjusting the rev limit value?

Do it by WINOLS,I can hand it.

I use winols too, but can't find any damos file or address for that map, that's why i use ECM for that. Yeah in ECM i can use any value up to 255 if i remove 6826rpm value. Anybody tuned Fiat 1.6 16v (103hp) before?