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So I'll keep this short, AVOID Bitedit you will be missing maps. Like I am, and they don't want to do a single thing about it.

does not sound like you have had a good experience at all

nope, no boost control, the only map that works is ignition timing! But I literally have ZERO boost control, I told Bitedit something is wrong with their ecu definition and they said they do not have updates. Please do not recommend it to anyone.

what is frustrating for me, is I knew I should have just went with ECM Titanium from the beginning... but after having my ECU file in bitedit and ECM Titanium I now KNOW I am missing maps. And that is the main issue. As you know these cars run off torque request model, well i'm missing and entire engine torque request map! no wonder I can't raise the boost!