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Hey Everyone Question,

I have a Evo 9 and I use Evoscan to log and ECUFlash to tune. Im just getting started learning to tune and i have order the "Road Tune'' from HP. My car has been tuned before but now im about to just add a bigger Turbo to it. Im not really sure where to start as of, getting a base map to start from for AFR and Timing. If anybody could help with steps that would be great. I have all Cables and laptop needed.

There are a few aspects to consider here. First off if you are fitting a larger turbo you will almost certainly need to fit larger injectors and a fuel pump too. The stock 560 cc injectors are only capable of handling around 250 kW atw and you can achieve this with the stock turbo.

Changing injectors will require you to scale them in ECU Flash so that the ECU knows how big they are. This is a process of adjusting the injector scaling and latency values and logging you fuel trims. The aim is to adjust the injector data until your trims are all as close to zero as possible.

Once you've done this you can adjust the fuel and ignition maps. With the injectors correctly dialled in your idle, cold start and cruise should be perfect so you can focus solely on WOT tuning which will speed up the process. Tuning WOT is a case of logging the AFR and knock sum. You will also need to log the load so you can actually tell where in the maps the ECU is operating. From there you can adjust the fuel and timing to optimise the tune.

With the knock sum I aim for a value of zero during a full throttle pull and back this up with audio knock detection. It's normal though during a run through the gears to occasionally see a knock sum of 1-2. Provided it's not consistent then you shouldn't need to worry.

Let us know how you get on.


I have all ready had the car tuned before on 1000cc injectors. All im doing is converting to SD and puting bigger turbo on. Im watch the road tune course and have learned alot. Just trying to get a example of step to do it on evoscan.