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Flat Foot shift H pattern M1 conf

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Hello maybe someone can help.I need to configure flat foot shift in H pattern in dog box in Lancer EVO X .I have gear knob load cell KA Sensors and Motec m150 on the car .Anyone made it ? And have presets which I can work with them at the beginning ?

Many regards


I think you are going to have problems. You can configure a load cell to indicate of if you are pushing or pulling the lever (for up and down with a sequential gearbox), in the case of an H-pattern, you will be doing both for the shift up. You may be better off with a push-button switch (or use a clutch switch).

Depending on your M1 firmware package, you configure Gear Lever Up Switch (set the resource and threshold if using the strain gage). Then configure Gear Shift related parameters such as Mode, Gear Shift Timing.

Be sure to set the gear ratios, final drive, etc. You will need that for the proper rev-matching cuts to occur when upshifting.

Your MoTeC dealer should be happy to help you with they setup.

Good Luck!

About the only thing I can think of would be to have a load cell on the lever, working both ways to trigger the cut, and a load sensor/momentary contact switch at each gear position that are set for contact with the lever when the gear is home, to trigger a resumption of power.

Because the cut would be make selecting reverse and driving 'normally' a pain, perhaps configure it to only operate over a set throttle percentage or with a switch to turn it on and off?

Don't know how you would do that, specifically, but offering suggestions.