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i was trying to get the fuel on the target in close loop on the strip but i realize my knock count when by 2 any suggestion? being posting on the forums for a while now part throttle and i also find when drive the car is rich when i am on the throttle pedal but when i take my foot off the pedal it lean to 1.24 lambda for about 3 to 4 sec the get back normal this suppose to happen ?

The knock control on the k pro isn't always something that I'd rely on without validating it with audio knock detection. When you close the throttle completely it's quite normal to see a lean AFR reading as the ECU will shut off injection.

ok thanks

hi! ok so today i when and load a base map to our stock itr, i am using a prb ecu so i load a stock k20a2 calibration to the ecu now i was watching my display looking at my ignition degree at idle and its reading 7 to 10 degrees but the table is saying 18.50 degrees was i have to do? do i need a timing light ? i found when i rev to about 4000 the display reads 46 degrees and the table says 47 degrees and i didn't touch no compensation tables.