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Huge drop in boost at high rpm

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i have a 350Z greddy twin turbo and I am tuning it now. I have my electronic boost controller connected between my intake manifold port (since i have no pressure source on my trubos housing) and the bottom port of my external wastegates. The top port of wastegates are left vent to atmosphere. When increasing the duty cycle of my EBC, the car would gain more boost at low rpms, but the boost would drop dramatically at high rpm(when the EBC is active the most) the EBC is a 3 ports one. Would opening the EBC at high rpm cause thatt huuuge boost escape from the EBC port and hence the boost drop?

my vacuum lines are 4mm lines.

appreciate any kind of help

It'd be helpful to know the nitty gritty of the kit if you have it. Is it the full greddy kit? If it is, are you trying to use the supplied emanage as an EBC? I personally have not had great luck with e-manages but thats just me.

I have all the mechanical parts from the full greddy kit. But im using a link ecu and MAC EBC