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injector open during high load

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1-I replaced the LS3 stock injector with Fast 30857-8 Precision-Flow 85lb injector and I face problem that during high load and rpm the injector shows that its open in the ECU but the fuel delivery with wideband meter reading is fine which mean the injector deliver fuel my question is why the ECU shows that the injector is open and how I can solve the problem (note that injector current is set with high impedance setup injector current is 0 and peak and hold ratio is 4 and the battery voltage is constant around 13 volt )

2-note that the engine is fit with procharger and it makes 500 hp with the wheels and the maximum fuel pressure is 70 psi (4.7 bar) the fuel pump is connected with regulator and regulator is connected to vacuum line it's controlling the fuel pressure from 3.5 bar to 4.7 bar the maximum injector duty cycle is 70% do you have any suggestion for the fuel system?

3-do you have Fast 30857-8 Precision-Flow 85lb data ?

For those that might want to help -- I believe this using a MoTeC M84.