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Is KnockBlock G4+ usable as a standalone tool?

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Hi, I am 99% sure the KnockBlock G4+ ( ) can be used on it's own, but would like to confirm before I order as I don't use an Link ECU or software.

And bonus question, is a warning light device like the KnockLink ( ) worth while or is it a waste of money? I think the cars ECU knock detection would switch out to the safety map at about the same time the KnockLink flashes red, in other words the cars ECU will react before I can react to the knock warning light.

Despite the naming convention used, it's designed as a standalone device and cannot integrate with an ECU anyway. With a margin of a few degrees of ignition timing used, you shouldn't really need a visual indicator anyway, and really, audio is the best and only way to determine if it's knocking properly. I wouldn't bother with the KnockLink.

Thanks Matt