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How do you guys manage to keep yourself cool whilst tuning cars? Do you switch on the air conditioning momentarily in between tuning sessions? It may not get too hot for Andre in Christchurch, but anyone living here in the land of kangaroos can tell you how warm it can get. I was considering buying a wall mounted fan and having it pointing at the driver.

Is it a bad idea to run air conditioning whilst tuning? I've noticed my AFRs change a bit when I turn on the air conditioning even if I keep the rpms at the same point (eg: 1000rpm without AC, 1000rpm with AC), even on stock injectors. I don't tune with the AC switched on, I was just curious about it.

If the car is going to be used with the A/C running, then it is best to tune the car to suit. What you have been noticing with the change in the Lambda is the load on the engine changing as the A/C pump cycles in and out of operation. Whilst the engine speed may stay the same, the load goes up to drive the compressor pump, and the ECU is trying to compensation for this load increase. You may need to have a few more load points in that area to cope with the A/C load.

The AFR changes a fair bit when A/C kicks in during idle, but the car still runs nicely.