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Hi Chris,

Yes I finally have it setup to a point that I am happy, I have over the years switched from an Apexi Power FC to a Link G4, then to a Link G4+ and then changed to a 24-1 cas wheel so I have had to setup my timing map a few times.

For my latest map I backed off the timing slightly on my original map which I was confident was safe, well the car has survived numerous trackdays and via various listening devices (KS-Pro, copper pipe, home made noise amplifier etc) I could hear no knock.

I then did a full load run with the KS-4 mounted and dialled that in, I then set the threshold in my G4+ so that the noise levels were sitting just below the threshold at the same point that the KS-4 was reading just below 40.

Knock is my biggest concern as the RB26 (and the RB25DET Neo I fitted in my 32) are very noisy due to the solid buckets and shims rather than hydraulic tappets so I always doubt myself as to whether the noises I am hearing through the headphones are mild knock or just noise.

I had a scary moment where my RB26 went extremely lean under full throttle/boost, it happened so quick that I did not spot it on the wideband but the KS-4 alarm triggered at 100 and my knock warning light from the G4+ lit up as I programmed it to do, I studied the datalog and found that at that exact point the knock reading had crossed the threshold and the G4+ had pulled 5 degrees of timing so I am now quite confident that it is working nicely.

The timing map is a little bit conservative in some areas so I may start tweaking it slightly but for now it is working nicely.


Does anyone have any experience with Tuner Knock Monitor Basic software? I am thinking of either buying that or Phormula KS-Pro. I would appreciate some feedback as I cannot decide myself.