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I was un able to find a topic related to it so thought I would start one.

my particular question is:

what steps can you take to minimise the strain launch control places on the car? I have been playing around with it on my personal car and with 25' timing and no fuel trim added I get 13psi at about 5000rpm, but I am looking to just use it as a limiter not so much to build boost as I don't want the strain. will swapping to a fuel cut assist in this? will it run lean and risk more damage etc?

pretty much at a given rpm, what can I do to make the launch control produce LESS boost?

thanks guys, keep the webinars coming!!

When you say that you are using 25 degrees timing, I assume that you mean this is advance? As in BTDC?

If this is the case and you aren't retarding the timing then there isn't a lot you can do to reduce the boost except to actually fit a sifter spring to the wastegate. It comes down to the size of turbo fitted to the engine. If you are using a smallish/stock sized turbo then the exhaust flow from just sitting on a 5000 rpm rev limiter at WOT will often be enough to generate significant levels of boost. It's only when you start getting to larger frame turbos that the retard is necessary to generate decent boost levels.

I don't suggest fuel cutting as this can result in a lean condition which is definitely not what you want!

You can reduce the boost level by dropping the rpm limit, however this may be counterproductive to getting the car to launch properly. It's a balancing act between boost and engine rpm.