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LSU4.9 tip depth in exhaust stream?

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In reference to an Instagram post from HPA on Oct 18th regarding heat sink style O2 bungs ("...the sensor tip is essentially flush with the exhaust runner wall meaning it doesn’t pose a restriction to flow."), what is the minimal amount a Bosch LSU 4.9 sensor's tip can protrude into an exhaust's piping (and still receive reliable data)?

Would this depth length be the same for pre-turbo applications (individual cylinders on exhaust manifold) vs post-turbo (downpipe)?

For the attached pic, the sensor should protrude less, to be flush with the piping wall and minimize flow restriction?

Does anyone have long term experience with this?

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hello the bungs i use and sell in my own shop for over 20 years of dyno tuning don't even go into the flow of the exhaust but they do have a good amount of clearance around the tip

( at least 5mm around the tip )

Regards Ross