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What is the general thought around MAF vs. SD? I have an LS3 with a fairly large cam (BTR Stage 3) swapped into a different vehicle (RX8). I'm currently running the card style MAF sensor but I get some bucking and surging at low rpm/low load cruising. In HPTuners (Engine -> Airflow -> Dynamic) there are settings for "High RPM Disable" and "High RPM Re-enable". What is the strategy around these settings?



Personally with all our large cam installs I've used a 1 bar SD OS. The MAF sensor can be problematic with reversion pulses at idle and low load. The high rpm disable settings are used to define where the ECU is allowed to use both MAF and the SD subsystem. Above the disable rpm only MAF is used.

Thanks Andre. I have been using the 2 bar SD OS, switched to that for the ability to control fan temps at a lower temperature. When I switch over to SD only my idle seems quite a bit different. I'm not sure why, but it wants to fall off at coast down and seem soft, almost like the idle adaptive spark control isn't working. Any ideas what may be causing this?

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It's almost as if the Base Running Airflow isn't working. It seems as if the engine is not getting enough air at idle when i disable the MAF. What could cause this?